"The secret to life is to know the principles and then act on them..."

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What do we believe in? How do our beliefs affect what we do? 

Have you ever decluttered your mind? 

Philosophy can cut to the core of what we believe - it can help rid the mind of inconsistent thinking or basic contradictions. Over the next few years I'm penning a series of books on what are beliefs are all about - how we acquire them, how they can unsettle us, how we can flourish in our different endeavours, and how to read and understand the world around us. 

As an economist, I'm attracted to ideas that work - that can be shown to be relevant and have a robustness about them and which are in harmony with key humanist principles: integrity and freedom. 

As a philosopher, I'm well versed in many theories about life, thinking, history, art, literature, psychology, science, and so on. Again, I'm fascinated by the effects of our deeper thinking on our personal life, our professional development, our businesses, our creativity, and our ambitions and goals. 

If we don't understand the human condition and how we can realise ourselves through our beliefs - we won't be able to flourish.

In the books I'll be exploring how what we believe in can be changed so we can live the life we love and how we can be more mindful of what we believe. 

I look forward to joining you on the journey!  - Alex

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