Motivational talks and workshops

What I bring...

  • From being an author I bring the discipline, productivity, research and craftsmanship of writing
  • From being a speaker I bring communications skills and energy
  • From strength training I bring the values of personal motivation, discipline and the importance of health
  • From economics I bring the value of the logical picture of how the world works and how ideas have consequences
  • From working with children and adults one-to-one for 17 years, I bring insights into the human condition regarding ambitions and learning 
  • From running a business I bring experience and lessons about adaption, culture, and working with the people who make a difference
  • From philosophy I bring the value of thinking deeper and from different perspectives  
  • From trading I bring insights into personal discipline, consistency, and results


How focused are you in life? 

Have you ever decluttered your mind? 

What is really holding you back from attaining your dreams?

Do you have any dreams any more?

Are you irritated by others' comments or feel that you've not quite got a grip on your life?

Are your employees or pupils drifting aimlessly?

Hi! I'm Dr Alexander Moseley ... formalities over: I'm Alex! For over twenty yearsI have been helping clients of all ages and abilities think about what they believe in, review what they wan tout of life, and help them get to the core of what their purpose is through providing productivity skills and a focus to their work and goals.

Young and old,we all get stuck in a life that seems not of our making- we fall into habits that keep us back and as time slips on, we feel that we're missing out on something that we really believe we should be doing. 

That's because our minds are usually a mess! 

We've picked up so many ideas and expectations about life and what we should be doing - according to other people - that we forget about what we want in life. Or we get so distracted we forget what our purpose is all about! 

Beliefs matter. 



Inspiration by Hartwig HKD
Inspiration by the truly inspiring photographer Hartwig HKD found on


Learn how you can begin to pull together your beliefs 
  • about the world, 
  • your business or profession, 
  • about other people 
  • and most importantly about yourself.

To grow ourselves requires putting down strong mental roots - roots that reflect our nature and our purpose.


With over twenty years experience in helping people shift their beliefs to be more positive about themselves and improve their productivity, I love stirring our thinking to encourage us to believe with greater conviction but also with more tolerance and humanity towards ourselves and others. 

Whether you are seeking to improve your own life by getting a better grip on what's around you or whether you're running a business or struggling to thrive in a profession,  you may learn something from a mentorship, a talk, or a workshop!
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