BELIEFS...Sorting the chaos out in our minds

Beliefs is a new series of personal development books I am working on.

  • We often hold contradictory or inconsistent beliefs about the world, other people, and our selves.
  • We are often illogical or unreasonable, even though we don't want to be.
  • We want to avoid doing what we need to do in order to become who we are. 
  • We become creatures of habits that we didn't think we'd ever fall into. 
  • We're confused about the messages we receive around us - from what we've picked up from family, teachers, and our peers - even from our ancestors who lived centuries ago.
  • We live in a highly distracting world pulling this way and that and a pace that's dizzying.
  • We're confused about the instant gratifications and resources within our grasp and what we really need and want. 
  • We've forgotten, or not thought about, what we're here for.

In a nutshell, our minds are chaotic and we're not fulfilling our potential -

  • We've lost the grip on life. 

Beliefs is about why we're like this and what we can do about it - the series provides the tools for understanding the world around us and for becoming people of integrity, mentally resilient, adaptable, tolerant of ourselves and others, and accepting of our failings. 

As a philosopher, I'm naturally fascinated by the effects of our deeper thinking on our personal life, our professional development, our businesses, our creativity, and our ambitions and goals - but I'm also keen that we move forward from ethereal philosophising over coffee towards taking action. 

If we don't take action, we're not taking part in the great human odyssey, never mind fulfilling our potential.

At the same time though, if we don't understand the human condition and how we can realise ourselves through our beliefs - we won't be able to flourish. 

We need to know our desires, our purpose, and how we work - we need to learn about ourselves as much as about how the world around us works. 

We need to grasp that we're the agent - the source of our happiness or our misery. 

Temporary image for cover work: Hartwig HKD, "Dreaming", flickr.com


* BBC RADIO 4 The Moral Maze (November 2015) Just War and Syria
* BBC RADIO 5 LIVE - Private tuition (2014)
* BBC RADIO NOTTINGHAM - Educational issues (2014, 2013)
* Small interview in The Independent by Jeremy Sutcliffe - nice picture! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/school


Aristotle: An Educational Biography Continuum (2010); Bloomsbury (2014)
A-Z of Philosophy, Continuum (2008) 
Also translated into Turkish A'dan Z'ye Felsefe and Portuguese Filosofia de A A Z: Um Guia Completo (Em Portugues do Brasil
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Founding Editor: Military Ethics Encyclopedia Online
Political Philosophy Editor, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
IEP articles written:
 • Philosophy of War
 ◦ Now translated into Romanian by Irina Vasilescu: Filosofia Razboiului
 • The Political Philosophy of John Locke
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 • Philosophy of Love
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 ◦ (also translated into Hungarian by Elana Pallet: Pacifizmus http://sc-journal.com/pacifizmus/)
 • Egoism 
 ◦ (also translated into Hungarian by Elana Pallet: Egoizmus http://sc-journal.com/egoism/)
 ◦ And Ukranian http://eustudiesweb.com/egoism/
 ◦ And Estonian http://www.autoteileprofi.ch/blog/2017/02/09/egois... by Valerie Bastiaan. 
I'm the founding editor of two digital magazines: Prosper Magazine, which integrates ideas and applications to help people grow and develop and The Economics Circle, which reviews key theories and applications in economics and how they apply to the world.

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Wither This Land (2001)
Vestiges of Freedom (2004)
The Turning Away (unpublished)

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